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After the election process, let’s go to what should be done after the employer’s relationship has started. Need to give a continuous feedback. You need to do this both spontaneously in the moment and need to give it weekly or monthly. Both appreciated, thank you and which areas do not meet expectations, they need to talk to them. Secondly, you need to get feedback from the child. Whether you should ask him or not.

To a person’s employee: “What can I do to make your life easier?” It is very important to ask the question. Most people don’t ask that because they think that the power relationship between them will be injured. However, there is nothing like this because there is the middle of the employer. You even ask this question makes you more affectionate and easier to work.

Finally, the mother, father to ensure that there is no deficiency, it is even more important to plan the activities and times as they spend time with the child and regularly comply with them.

Exposing one of the most important points for brain development. So the senses are more accurate to meet stimuli. Let’s think about two children. One lives in just a few rooms; another is living in nature. Brain development will be very different. Nature offers us very broad differences. The adults don’t even know how spectacular thing is inside. The child is strangers to this world and everything for him. That’s why the brain works much more and make many more new networks. The child needs to take the first two years to the park or the garden every day for the first two years.

Human is already in a curious asset and whatever he sees around to be curious about him. Perhaps if you see a lot of birds than the car will start to be about them if you see grass.

We can forget the nature in the hustle and hustle of the city but it is very important to be intertwined with nature for the child. It is our hand to make it possible.

I am a clinical psychology that works with children and adolescents. Step Azalea Hawk Firat. I have been working with children, adolescents for about 15 years.

Azalia: The most important focus of families at 0-3 years is to feed the child physically. Even if you are able to feed the breast milk for a long time. Has to order the sleep. Is also physically protecting from dangers. They are the basic objectives.

This can turn into a specific anxiety at times. Therefore, they can actually give the message that the environment is full of dangers. When we look at the pedagogical point of view, the most important focus in this period is to feed the child emotionally. To be able to establish a safe bond with it and offer a safe environment.

For example, the mother’s milk may not be adequate, but while giving the mamma, the bottle is making eye contact. Bodily touching her, caressing his cheek. If it enables this moment in a quiet room, it is one of the maternity, which is only one of the mother’s milk, but by breastfeeding, it is better fulfilling maternity functions than the maternity that fueled his baby.

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