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It is known that the emotional trauma caused by physical violence does not heal as quickly as physical wounds. Anxle. Psychologist Aycan Cloud warns: “The effect of the emotional damage in children is generally adolescent or when they are parents.”

Domestic violence; It includes behaviors such as one of the family members to expose the other emotional, physical and sexual abuse, socially isolate and deprive or deprive financially.

Witnessing violence within home seriously affects the future of children and children. Behavior such as aggression and violence is learned from the outside. When the child is exposed to violence, it applies the same violence to people around even. Most parents think that the children will not be affected by violence or forget that the child lives. But children don’t forget. Children who are violent in the family are known to have higher level emotional and behavioral problems compared to other children. Violence and aggression is learned by taking the parent model. Violence, children to live fear and anxiety, to be asirabi, to the lack of confidence in their sleep disorders, behavioral and developmental regression, physical complaints, low self esteem, self-confidence, harmony problems, course failures, attention lack of communication problems, acyal personality and depression. caused.

Attacker and furious people need physical violence. The furious people also try to digest the person opposite the shouting loudly. Such people have problems with communication. These individuals express themselves by shouting and applying violence. They specifically digest the opposite of violence against small and weak persons. This is frequently experienced between the parent and the child. However, children require maintenance and protection.

The child should not be applied to the child to teach, or to teach disciplines. In this case, the only thing that the child will learn is to apply violence. The children learn from the relationship they established with their parents. The child in a violent house begins to apply violence outside the home and this is natural for him. Parents should be patient and relevant to them from the moment their children are born. This may be difficult, particularly distressed, stressful, tired or sad, or when there is no families to help parents in the child’s care. Each parent can sometimes have difficult days or may be the times that are the pain of the bites with the children. This is not indicative that they are not good parents. It is necessary to be the solution oriented instead of being the problem-oriented. They may not only use the appropriate problem solving skills in difficult conditions. It is to activate the more calmer parent to be done and to develop appropriate problem solving skills without overreacting.

Take time to your child. Cuddle, embrace, hug, kiss, tap, tell him positive feedback and tell him that you love. Don’t run out of your child, don’t stay away. Respect and respect their thoughts. Do not make a punishment. Treat your child like the person you want to be.

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