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Therefore, a treatment plan is required after a urology expert who is interested in the children of the children who are interested in the 6-year-old children at the latest and after the necessary examinations are made.

In order to put the diagnosis of enurezis nocturna, and to distinguish from more serious pissing disorders, the subject should be evaluated by an expert. The children who were introduced to the bottom of the subtract are examined in terms of the presence of organic factors previously mentioned. For this, it should be investigated whether there are difficult urinating, constipation, difficult and emergency urinary making, hard and emergency urinating, misravation, poop with urine, snoring, snoring and breathing at night. According to the results of the obtained information and the results of the general examination, a number of urine examination should be examined to the bladder movies. There is no physical reason in 97% of children soaking the bottom. Therefore, a detailed story provides information on whether or not the physiological underneath is soaking. It is important to illuminate the problem of “minor bladder” or the problem of unable to wake up from sleep at this point.

After these steps, the pure primary night of the disease is decided to be a bed wetting problem, the treatment phase is passed. If the urology specialist is decided that the hader is more complex and surrounding problems, more detailed examinations are applied to advanced diagnostic methods.

It is recommended to make initiatives for treatment when children are generally 7-8 years of wet. At the beginning of these initiatives, the childself or family of the family occurred to the night awakening. The program is applied to the family to awaken the child and to go to the bathroom. This program has provided success by 90%.

Alarm devices are not starting to miss child urine, so that the child has been waking up and helps the child to control the bladder. With this treatment, 70-84% improvement in children are achieved. Various drugs have been used for many years in the treatment of subtracting. There is a risk of reiteration at up to 90%. The sub-wetting is a common problem in childhood childhood and is a matter where families last wrong attitudes. Firstly, it is necessary to evaluate the children’s physicians that are interested in the subject and a long-term treatment approach with the participation of the family.

The urine in the urine bag is called to escape the kidney. The urine is delivered to Mesaneya by means of the tubes called the URRIFT. The prevention of reflux is the pressure dynamics of the flap-valve mechanism and bladder in the entrance to the bladder. Hit the exact rate is unknown. However, it is estimated by 0.4-1.8% in non-symptomatic children.

Diagnosis: Urinary USG findings are normal in 75% of the reflux patients. Normal Urinary USG Hit never reschedule. Infants diagnosed with prenatal hydronephrosis, bladder and kidney ultrasound should be used as the first option. In babies diagnosed with hydronephrosis in the prenetal period, there is a possibility of determination of 16.2%. Voiding cystouretrography (VCUG) must be made for precise diagnosis. Each child undergoing fiery urinary tract infection should be evaluated with VCUG. Sintiugrafi (DMSA) is scheduled if reflux is detected.

Closed (endoscopic) treatment of urine back escape: Closed, ie endoscopic reflux surgery is a surgical interference that lasts an average of 10 minutes and no incessence. After the child is adapted, there is an inner urine channel that is getting back to the urine by entering the urine pouch (cystoscope) with an illuminated instrument (cystoscope). Injecting a substance containing dextranomer / hyaluronic acid, under the hole in which internal urinary channels are opened into the urine sac. At the point where the internal urinary channel is opened into the urine pouch, the deconstructive dextranomer / hyaluronic acid prevents the escape and lifetime stays here.

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