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Although everything is well here is fine, a serious conflict occurs when the child has faced the boundaries with these impulses from the inside. For example, a child who wants to walk and enjoy all the running is an adequate reason for anger sequence to ask his mother’s hand on the street.

The children of 2-3 years are facing the children’s largest chaos of life to give up their own wishes or not to give up … For parents, it is very difficult to remain calm and patient during parents. Because it is not clear when a crisis in daily life will occur. In the morning breakfast at breakfast which cup will be drunk with, the hat will be installed on the park while the hat is installed on their clothes, but they cannot be entered into the pool and enter the pool. Many events may be the cause of stubbing battles. The subject is successful in realizing their wishes that are actually under all the conflicts, regardless of all conflicts. In this age period, children have not learned to postpone their needs yet, there are only a single method they can use in their hands to show their sorrows and be used in their hands to show their sadness, and to be held to the fence of anger.

The stubbing is a process necessary for children to test the boundaries of the parents and to learn where to stand. Children are stubbornly trying the patience of the parent, in fact where the limits they test. What happens as a result of this if you want to cry out loud and sugar? How do my mother react to this behavior? Children consistently shape their behavior with the results they have removed from their experience. The response of the parents to learn the child’s acceptable and unacceptable behavior is very important. According to these reactions, they shape the next behavior and the habits at the end.

Although stubbornness is a period of age and development, it is a very challenging experience to cope with this behavior as parents. First challenging question in front; Do or not to do or do what a gorgeous child wants? Which one is more

right? How should the second challenge react in the face of a child who is stubbing, shouting and appealing? Angry or stay calm.

In the face of a stubborn child, the most master can even be forced to control their feelings and reactions. Different applications can be recommended on how to start with a small child that pushes the borders of the patience. Especially in the 2-3 age group, an application that works once in the stubborn crisis may not be effective in the next crisis. Usually the non-aid attitude is to scold and threaten children. It is known that the sentences such as “if you don’t stop crying immediately …”, as opposed to calm the child in contrast to calm or discourage the child.

Even when we accept stubbornness as a period of period, the parents are always calm, understanding and patient. However, a tired, stressful parent can be tried more easily and can be forced to maintain its patience. One or two of the parents may be forced to understand the true needs and feelings of the child if it is undergoing a tense period. Therefore, they can act more strict, more impatient than it should be, which may cause the existing situation to increase the frequency and violence of the crises.

Parents in the face of stubbornness (how will I cope with this kid?), Worry (what will happen in this age so far as this age? Fatigue (I’m tired of living the same things every day), you’ve deserved a good punishment ) and guilt (where I do wrongness (where do I make a good parent in the aback) they can feel their feelings. All these feelings make it a more difficult to deal with the staff.

Children observe their parents quite well. Therefore, the best method is often sincere and honest with the child. Trying to stay calm although you are trying to stay calm, pretending to be or to behave as if you have never been in your teeth or to act with your partner, you don’t help you to deal with your husbandry crises. The ideal parent for children does not mean the parent that does not make any errors that are not annoyed. The social and emotional development of the children of the parents who can appropriately express their feelings are positively.

The mother-father will help you to determine how the child will react to the behavior of the child. To rebuke a believing child, physically penalizing the strength of the power, the strength of the problem is to cause negative effects in communication between the mother-father-child. Although breaking the child’s belong, it is not easy to deal with the blunder, it will be more effective to try to find cold-blooded solutions to the current situation. A believing child

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